Coton De Tulear Breeder


 Since 2008, when we started breeding the Coton de Tulear, we have made many family's dog dreams come true with this fun, loving, snuggly and loyal breed. These are just some of our many testimonies from happy Coton de Tulear owners that we have had the pleasure of working with to achieve their dreams, while placing our dogs in their forever homes. 

Puppies Prepared for New Owner


It has been two months since we purchased our little boy Jaxon from you. To tell you what a joy he is and how much he has added to our family is beyond words.
I have owned dogs for over 40 years, puppies, rescue dogs and the like. I have never owned such an amazing puppy as our Jaxon. Jaxon is such a well adjusted little guy, loves EVERYONE, has no fears, slept through the night the very first night we brought him home and has slept every night soundly since.
He is a smart, desiring to please, learns quickly, loves our senior poodle Lucky (they are best buddies now) and is a total joy. We are absolutely in love with this little guy.
You and Bill do such a fabulous job in preparing your puppies for their new owners. There are no anxiety/separation issues they are well adjusted little puppies when they are ready to leave you. 
Your attention and concern for the puppies is so evident, you make yourself so available to us prior to and after we purchased Jaxon. You are a one of a kind breeder and I would highly recommend you to any of my friends. (several will be calling you because they love the Coton breed after meeting Jaxon) and are desiring of a new puppy. Thank you again for bringing a wonderful little puppy into the world.

Warmest thoughts
Rosann and Scott

Attentive and Careful Breeders


 Our family purchased Cody, he was 6 months old when we got him. We had him shipped to us from Arizona to Chicago. When we picked him up he looked beautiful. The first few days he was shy and cautious. Within a few day his personality came through, and he is so loving and sweet. The breeders Vi and Bill are the most attentive and careful breeders of this wonderful breed. They will make sure you are getting the best of the breed. Daydreaming Cotons is truly where dog dreams come true. The breeders will stay in touch with you, and make sure you are satisfied and happy with your dog. They will also set up up with a professional dog trainer that you can talk to by phone and answer all your questions, concerns and give you all the information about this wonderful breed. Daydreaming Cotons has make our family very happy. 

Thank You Vi and Bill

 The Bianchi Family
Chicago, IL 

Highest Standards


I've had the great experience of purchasing a puppy from Vie and Bill Day of Day Dreaming Cotons. Before I came to them I called and visited several Coton Breeders. By far Vie and Bill were the most knowledgeable, caring, with the most integrity of all the Breeders I interviewed. Their Cotons' by far had the best personality, coat, and structure that I had seen. They have also spent time and efforts to health test all of their Cotons with Vets and organizations that have the highest standards. I highly recommend Bill and Vie Day of Day Dreaming Cotons for anyone looking to bring an adorable Coton into their family. In fact I hope to bring another one of Vie and Bill's Cotons' into our family soon.

Risa Kneip
Gilbert, Arizona

A Great Fit for My Family



Maya and the other dogs are getting along really well. She does love to follow the lab around the yard an chase  her when she chases the ball.

Just wanted you to know we love her and she is a great fit to our family.

Thanks so much.
Sheree and Diane
San Diego, CA

Highly Recommend


Hello...  I am so happy with the pup/dog I bought from the Day's.  Holly was born Feb. 28th, 2011. She was around 10 1/2 mos. when I first saw her at the Day's lovely home.  They are both wonderful breeders and really enjoy, love, and protect this great COTON breed of dogs.

I am thrilled with our progress together and feel we have made a bond at our home.  We have a 9 year old female Schnauzer-Westie mix...and they have become good friends.  They eat out of the same dish and often are in the pet-pen together...

If I were to purchase another, COTON-  it would be from the Day's.  They are certianly the BEST breeders I have ever purchased a pet from...  HOLLY- our dog- is very friendly and HEATHLY.. she looks like a picture from a breeders guide.  She loves to be near you and is very obedient- & with a food-treat- 100% of the time.  She is house trained- when she wants to go out- will stand by the door with our KIRBY- to go out together...

I recommend the Day's very highly.  You could do no better...  

Rosemary Davis
Scottsdale, A 

Full of Advice and Truthful Facts


 I write this letter with joy thinking of Vie and her love for the coton de tulear dogs and puppies! My boyfriend and I had the wonderful opportunity to get to know Vie Day and her family! From the beginning of our experience Vie was full of advice and truthful facts about her dogs! Once we received our puppy he seemed happy, content and full of life! Our puppy (Cooper) has been in our home for a month now, he is a happy, gorgeous  puppy. Joe and I can't get very far without a spectator coming up to us asking about the breed! Our puppy is a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn't be happier with our choice of breed and breeder!

Brittany , Joe and Cooper
Boston, MA 

Over and Above With Support


I purchased my beloved Samantha almost 2 years ago from the Days and from the very beginning Vi & Bill have gone above and beyond with their support and knowledge in all aspects of owning this special breed. Vi even taught me how to groom my dog and has always (still!) been available for any and all questions I have.  If you are looking for a beautiful, healthy Coton you could not do better than Day Dreaming Cotons.  

Sharon Podsiadlo,
Phoenix, AZ

Generate excitement


 We were not sure it was ever going to happen but after many many months of research we found Vie and Bill and our “Dream” came true.  It has been two years since we purchased our puppy – Daydreamings Joie De Vivre Jaxson from Vie and Bill and we could not be happier.

Because of our business and frequent travel schedule we needed to have a dog that was confident, smart and fun to be around.  We got that and much more.  Vie took so much time to learn about my husband and me and our lifestyle and paired us up with the perfect dog. Vie continues to stay in touch and is always available to answer any questions.

Jaxson is a delight to be around, attentive, smart great traveler and smiling every day.  He has truly brought “enjoyment of life” to our home.

When we are ready for out next Coton we will certainly contact the Days once again.

Thank you Vie and Bill. 

Totally Trained


It has now been a little over three months since Lydia has joined our multi-generational family!  She has adapted so well to the change in homes!   It is wonderful to have a dog that is totally trained.  Lydia started using the doggie door as soon as we showed her where it was!  She quickly learned to sit and looks forward to our daily routines.  Each morning she eagerly goes “bye-bye” and takes Maya to school.  In the afternoon, she stands where the mailbox key is kept; ready to go on a short walk with my Aunt to the mailbox.  (Lydia is so easy for her to walk that she has started taking her on other walks.  This is quite an accomplishment, since my Aunt was always reluctant to walk our previous dog!  She greatly enjoys her time with Lydia!) 

Lydia has begun to go in the car with me when I run errands.  She has an open invitation to visit our local Lowe’s!  They absolutely loved her there!  She got quite a lot of attention from both employees and customers.  It is not unusual for people to comment on how beautiful she is!  We have a lot of fun on our outings.

Thanks again for all of your help and allowing us the pleasure of this beautiful dog!

Scottsdale, Arizona